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It has long been known that video is one of the best ways to deliver information to people with many different learning styles. The reality is, on the internet, increasing your conversion rate for sales and boosting impact can be as simple as adding video to your website.

Andy, Digital Manager at Kudos Manchester web design says “one of the best ways to improve the ranking of your website, whilst increasing repeat traffic, is providing video. Video engages and gets shared much more than text sites alone”.

There are many ways that video can be used and integrated into your website. Depending on your audience the exact use of video will be different. Fortunately, a good web designer can help you to integrate your video successfully and in a way which draws in customers.

Youtube Vs Self Hosting

One of the questions designers inevitably get asked is should they host their own video, or should they put it up on YouTube. At the end of the day it will depend on the situation. If your business is selling an online training course and you do not want those who have not paid to have access it will be best if it is on your own site.

This might lead to the assumption that video should always be hosted on ones own site. In reality this is the most expensive and time-consuming option. Further, if your server cannot handle the load then the entire website slows down.

If the videos are targeted at providing training, a free add on, or other value to customers, hosting on YouTube will be better. If you host on YouTube it is a great way to access and market to audiences who use YouTube for everything from how-to videos to entertainment. After all, you never know what your customers may find funny. Here are a few tips discussing YouTube and self-hosting.

Make it Viral

Everyone always asks his or her designers, “How do I make my video go viral?” The answer is with a lot of hard work, a clever concept and the right tools.

In order for a video to go viral, it really needs to provide some form of entertainment value. In this vein may indirectly advertise your product or company instead of being a direct advertisement. Further, it should be short enough that watchers will not become bored with your story.

One of the most important viral factors is its’ share-ability. Including links in the video to make it easy to share, and using a platform like YouTube will allow the video to easily be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Lastly, ask yourself if going viral will benefit your business. Generally speaking only consumer-focused businesses can benefit significantly from going viral.

Getting it Right

At the end of the day the most important factor for success on the Internet and in the use of web video is the provision of the right content and the right time to the right audience. This almost certainly requires working with an expert firm, or group of designers to do a full service product delivery.

8 Ways to Print from Your Mobile

Mobile printing can be a very convenient option for your business, offering you the freedom to roam around wherever you please and print photos, documents, emails much more from your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Taking advantage of this printing capability can save you a lot of time and can make your work schedule a lot more flexible, allowing you to work remotely from any location. This is especially convenient if you are often on the go and away from the office.

If you are looking to use the mobile printing capabilities available, you will need to install a printing app on your device. Take a look at this great infographic from Stinky Ink, which showcases several different mobile printing apps for a range of printers. There are apps that are specific for each type of printer, while other apps are universal and can be used with any leading brand of printer. These apps make it easy to connect to the printer with 3G, Bluetooth or other methods and print everything from emails to photos to documents and much more. Some of the apps are free to download, while others will cost a small fee.

Choosing the right application for your device takes some time – as you have to make sure that the technology is compatible with both your mobile phone or tablet and your printer. Glance through this infographic and learn about the different options available, so that you can start enjoying the benefits of mobile printing.


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TicTacTown the Phenomenon Gaming Site

Gaming has never been this easy! Either you are a pc gamer or a mobile gamer, TicTacTown is the gaming site we all have been looking for. Web site is very easy to use, navigation is so simple, any game is a click away. TicTacTown, shines out compared to the similar web sites. Ages from 7 to 77, everyone can find a game to play on this site.

Bestseller and Top Grossing games are pretty much on their list. Not to mention, if you are into retro games from the 90’s, you’ll find plenty of games to choose from. Besides the game collection and the user-friendly interface, TicTacTown is so easy to create an account and log in. You can even log in with your Facebook account and start playing with your friends instantly. So what are you waiting for? Go to en.tictactown.com and discover!

4 Things to Know Before Choosing a Web Host

web-hostChoosing the right host for your website is an important step in the website creation and startup process. If you are looking to lock into a long-term contract to get the cheapest monthly rates, you’re going to want to make sure that you choose the best web host for your needs, both now and in the future. While this takes a little planning and foresight, in the long run, you will have less stress as well as money and time lost.

Four Facts to Gather Before Picking the Best Web Host Company

To help you make the right decision when choosing your web host, here are four things that you need to know beforehand that will make the choice easier and far more efficient both now and in the future:

  1. How Many Website Pages Do You Need? If you are planning on going with a basic package from a web hosting company, chances are you will be limited in the number of pages you are able to display at one time. This is fine if you just have a basic website with four to six pages, but if you want to have a more in-depth website, you will likely need to upgrade or find a web host that offers the amount of page space (part of bandwidth) you require. Keep in mind that specific pages with targeted content work better in the viewer’s mind than a page stuffed with loads of content and walls of text.

  1. Do You Want to Sell Items Online? If you are going to sell items on your website, you’re going to need a web host that offers you the ability to host on a secure server (SSL). This is a big deal for customers who are giving their credit card information over the web as almost everyone knows that you shouldn’t buy from sites that don’t have a SSL. You can tell if a site is hosted on a secure server by looking at the beginning of the web address: http:// is unsecured and https:// is secured. You will also want checkout options in your shopping cart such as the ability to pay with PayPal, Google Wallet, etc. Be sure that the web host you choose is able to accommodate your needs, has a high customer rating and isn’t overcharging you for the ability to have a shopping cart and SSL.

  1. Contact Capabilities. If you are looking to generate leads instead of sales from your website, it’s important that you have some easy contact options for viewers. For many businesses, a simple contact form might seem like it will suffice, but these aren’t always the best ways to get your lead to turn into a qualified lead by contacting you. Be sure your website hosting company offers you all the options you need for contact.

Some smart choices include having an instant chat button, having interactive maps and directions, having widgets to all of your social media pages, having an RSS feed, having a blog comment section and having a forum on your site. Of course, it makes no sense to have any or all of these functions if you aren’t going to maintain them, so be sure to choose your best methods of contact based not only on your customer’s preferences, but also on your availability and sustained effort.

  1. Areas of Focus and Expertise. Finally, it’s important that you make sure the web host’s areas of expertise and focus line up with your needs. Not every web host excels at every platform, so you want to make sure that what you’re looking for in a website is exactly what the company excels at. For example, if you are looking for a blog heavy website that is focused on content and ease of creation, look for a web host that is blog friendly, offering an easy to use content management system.

Generally speaking, these types of web hosts will offer an easy way to install WordPress onto their sites so you can use them for blogging, or they will have a top-notch blogging platform of their own. On the other hand, if you are looking to sell items from your site, a blog friendly web host might not have the tools you need to succeed available to you. Check with your needs and make sure they are answered in full by the web host you are choosing.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Author Bio – This guest article is written by Dan Mill working for www.livecity.com. To find out more about free website hosting and how to land the best deal, get in touch with Dan today.

Even Your Phone Can Be Eco-Friendly

Everywhere you look there is somebody on their mobile phone. They’re either making a call, sending a text, updating their Facebook status, snapping a photo, playing a game, organising their calendar or answering an email. We rely so heavily upon them that many have reached the point where they’re at a loss if you take their phones away.

When you reach this point you really need to consider the effects you’re having not only in terms of the notoriously poor battery, but also in relation to your health and that of the environment. Spending too much time looking at the screen can be bad for your eyes, like watching television up close, and it can also result in problems for your hands and fingers including repetitive strain injuries.

When you upgrade your phone to the latest model – as we all like to do – you’re faced with a number of decisions relating to what you do with your old phone. Sometimes you can trade it in for money off the new phone, in others you might look to sell your phone online for the best price or to a friend, family member or colleague. Perhaps you just leave it in the drawer for emergencies or throw it away!

The thing is, throwing them away can have its own effects on the environment. You can’t simply put your phone in the household recycling like you can with a drinks carton or your junk mail, you need to get it recycled properly and now a number of the top manufacturers are making it easier to do so.


For the past ten years or so, Samsung have been paying close attention to the environmental impact of their products from the manufacturing process to the parts they have no control over – what the customer does with it. Models such as the Galaxy Ace have been designed with long-life batteries which need less charging than other phones and therefore you use less power from the plug.


The Swedish firm have committed to a recycling policy meaning that they will safely dispose of any unwanted phones and materials, and are also trying to create new phones out of as few pieces as possible to reduce the amount of waste created during the manufacturing process, while the packaging is also being monitored. Nokia phones like the E7-00 is a prime example, as its packaging was made out of 60% recycled materials.


Not renowned as the biggest manufacturer of mobile and smartphones, LG has claimed the title of having the most eco-friendly range including the highly successful, and green, Rumor Reflex. This particular phone has come with a five-star rated charger for when the excellent battery life does diminish; while it is made from highly environmentally friendly materials such as PVC, halogen and nickel.

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