What are advantages of getting a mass text messaging service?

Today’s consumer chooses to connect to family, friends, other individuals, and businesses through their mobile devices. The sound of a text message alert immediately draws their attention, and most people today immediately stop what they are doing to see what information is contained in the text message they just received. These actions alone should be reason enough for any business to engage in text messaging marketing campaigns.

In addition to capturing the immediate attention of potentially thousands of customers, there are many other benefits of using a mass text messaging service for your marketing campaigns. So why not take advantage of today’s advanced technology and utilize a service that is easy to use, convenient, cost-effective, and delivers a high ROI?

Benefits of a mass text messaging service

Easy to implement

Most mass marketing campaigns involve several days to even weeks of development, creating marketing materials and sending them out to various locations and customer addresses. A mass text messaging services allows you to send a text message to thousands within a few seconds, alerting all your customers to new sales, products, promotions, events and coupons.


As mentioned above, many marketing campaigns involve the development of marketing campaigns, which can be rather expensive at times; especially if you have a large customer base that you typically send mailings to. Using a mass text messaging service, such as the professional and advanced service offered by Spring Big, costs you practically nothing.

Easily keep track of customers

Many consumers don’t always like to provide their information to businesses, but the majority is apt to provide their emails and mobile phone numbers if they know they may receive special alerts about sales and promotions. Once you have their information, you can easily develop and maintain a customer database for improved communication. Spring Big even enables you to export this information to other applications.

Easily schedule text messages

Have you developed your next text but aren’t ready to send it. Simply schedule it, and you no longer have to worry about it, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Keep track of ROI in real-time

Because you already have customer information in your database, you will also receive real-time information regarding purchases, promo codes used, sales attended, etc. Being aware of your customer’s spending habits, which text messages result in greater sales, and what types of customers frequent your store the most can help you better tailor and refine your text messages in the future.

Take advantage of social media

While not all mass text messaging services have this feature, Spring Big has seen the value in combining text marketing with social media marketing, and can enable your business to easily Tweet customers on Twitter or engage them on Facebook, and then subsequently keep track of likes, retweets and comments made about your posts and marketing campaigns.

Now that you know of some of the advantages of using a mass text messaging service, take the time to speak with a representative from a company like Spring Big. You’ll be able to learn even more about the advantages of such a services, as well as additional features that can be custom-tailored to your business.

Can We Really Trust Third-Party Software Testing?

It’s one thing to develop cutting-edge software and it’s quite another to make sure it’s ready to launch as a new product. The level of creativity and experience necessary to code software is different from the methodical approach necessary to identify bugs in it. One analogy is that it’s rather like the difference between Olympic swimming and diving. While they’re both water sports, each requires long training in completely different skill sets.

The Fork in the Road

If your company does not have people with a core competency in comprehensively testing new software, then it has one of two choices:

The first choice is to build up the requisite skill sets in the software development team through rigorous in-house training, either by hiring industry experts or by signing up with some reputable education training institute.

The second is to outsource the work to an experienced third party to do it all for you.

Avoiding Embarrassment

The last thing, of course, you want to do is to put out “wrinkled” software.

In the pioneering days of software development, it was acceptable to rely on the feedback from beta testers to fine tune your product.

However, we now live in a world of much more technically educated consumers who demand more quality out of the gate. Consumers who don’t like your product are unlikely to keep their ire to themselves and much more likely to make scathing comments about it on social media platforms and technical forums. In fact, some tech bloggers love to update their readers about the latest blundered software.

In addition, we are also competing with other firms who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they provide high quality products at launch because it will help them to gain rapid market traction and significantly increase market share.

While it’s not a wise decision to make a dent in your company’s image by selling buggy software, relying on feedback from the marketplace is not a cost effective technique either. On average, it costs about five times more to fix a bug after it has been marketed and shipped, then it is to find the bug in the first place long before engaging the marketing machine and deploying the logistics of distribution.


Outsourcing software testing has numerous advantages over trying to become good at everything when it comes running a software business.

Here are 4 reasons to consider outsourcing the work:

1. A third party can offer a wide range of testing procedures ranging from developing an effective test strategy to providing in-depth penetration testing.

2. A third party has developed sufficient experience by working with a multitude of clients in many different industries to have an acute appreciation for the maturity of the testing process.

3. A third party can speed up the testing cycle. If development of the software is already late compared to what rivals have already introduced to the marketplace, then slow inhouse testing is a bottleneck that will shorten the life cycle of the product.

4. A third party already has the resources and skilled staff to do the work necessary, including condensing the immense amount of testing data into intelligible reports.

An Improved End Product

Ultimately, of course, giving the work to an excellent software testing service will improve the end product.

Here are at least five ways this can happen:

1. With a formal testing process and a system for reliable documentation, the likelihood of finding more bugs increases. Naturally, this will make it much easier for your developers to improve the product.

2. Your company will experience cost reduction by outsourcing the work, as the testing can be done more efficiently and cost-effectively by an experienced firm.

3. Your development team will be freed from the consuming and often repetitive work that is necessary to exhaustively test software. For instance, you will save employee time and business resources when someone else does the regression testing for you.

4. Your development team can do what it does best as soon as the test results are in—which is improving the code that they already intimately understand.

5. Your software will undergo independent validation, which will make it much easier to spot coding errors.

A good example of the benefits of testing is shown in the model provided by Tricentis automated testing. Using the Tosca Effect, they automate 95% of test cases and cut testing time from weeks to days. This is done by deploying an intensive three phase process of optimizing, managing, and automating the testing process.

Essentially, outsourcing the entire testing process is a smart thing to do on many levels. It reduces the technical complexity of developing in-house know-how, increases the maturity of test cases, and improves the availability of test data necessary to fine-tune your end product. 

Web Video Tips and Tricks

It has long been known that video is one of the best ways to deliver information to people with many different learning styles. The reality is, on the internet, increasing your conversion rate for sales and boosting impact can be as simple as adding video to your website.

Andy, Digital Manager at Kudos Manchester web design says “one of the best ways to improve the ranking of your website, whilst increasing repeat traffic, is providing video. Video engages and gets shared much more than text sites alone”.

There are many ways that video can be used and integrated into your website. Depending on your audience the exact use of video will be different. Fortunately, a good web designer can help you to integrate your video successfully and in a way which draws in customers.

Youtube Vs Self Hosting

One of the questions designers inevitably get asked is should they host their own video, or should they put it up on YouTube. At the end of the day it will depend on the situation. If your business is selling an online training course and you do not want those who have not paid to have access it will be best if it is on your own site.

This might lead to the assumption that video should always be hosted on ones own site. In reality this is the most expensive and time-consuming option. Further, if your server cannot handle the load then the entire website slows down.

If the videos are targeted at providing training, a free add on, or other value to customers, hosting on YouTube will be better. If you host on YouTube it is a great way to access and market to audiences who use YouTube for everything from how-to videos to entertainment. After all, you never know what your customers may find funny. Here are a few tips discussing YouTube and self-hosting.

Make it Viral

Everyone always asks his or her designers, “How do I make my video go viral?” The answer is with a lot of hard work, a clever concept and the right tools.

In order for a video to go viral, it really needs to provide some form of entertainment value. In this vein may indirectly advertise your product or company instead of being a direct advertisement. Further, it should be short enough that watchers will not become bored with your story.

One of the most important viral factors is its’ share-ability. Including links in the video to make it easy to share, and using a platform like YouTube will allow the video to easily be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Lastly, ask yourself if going viral will benefit your business. Generally speaking only consumer-focused businesses can benefit significantly from going viral.

Getting it Right

At the end of the day the most important factor for success on the Internet and in the use of web video is the provision of the right content and the right time to the right audience. This almost certainly requires working with an expert firm, or group of designers to do a full service product delivery.

8 Ways to Print from Your Mobile

Mobile printing can be a very convenient option for your business, offering you the freedom to roam around wherever you please and print photos, documents, emails much more from your phone, tablet or other mobile device. Taking advantage of this printing capability can save you a lot of time and can make your work schedule a lot more flexible, allowing you to work remotely from any location. This is especially convenient if you are often on the go and away from the office.

If you are looking to use the mobile printing capabilities available, you will need to install a printing app on your device. Take a look at this great infographic from Stinky Ink, which showcases several different mobile printing apps for a range of printers. There are apps that are specific for each type of printer, while other apps are universal and can be used with any leading brand of printer. These apps make it easy to connect to the printer with 3G, Bluetooth or other methods and print everything from emails to photos to documents and much more. Some of the apps are free to download, while others will cost a small fee.

Choosing the right application for your device takes some time – as you have to make sure that the technology is compatible with both your mobile phone or tablet and your printer. Glance through this infographic and learn about the different options available, so that you can start enjoying the benefits of mobile printing.


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